Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Motivation For The Mood: Which Type Of Motivational Speaker You Need For Morale Issues

by Roy Morris

No matter how good your workers are, every office can lose motivation at a time or two. The loss of motivation can be due to a number of factors, but as the management, it is your job to increase motivation and productivity. If your company is having problems, you should hire a motivational speaker to come in and address your company's workers for a change in direction. If you need to help your workers with a bit of a boost, here are some motivational speaker types that work for each mood.

Connection specialists for office squabbles

If there are more squabbles than normal going on within the office, this is a quick way for team productivity to drop. If workers are having issues with one another in the office, the best type of motivational speaker to bring in is a conflict resolution specialist. The specialist can get to the root of the issues and offer some personal advice on introspection that will stop conflicts in their tracks. The speaker should have a track record of helping companies with conflict resolution a la the "Olivia Pope" of business conflicts.

Rags to riches for slow economic growth

When the economy is slow, businesses often have to cut costs. This can mean not giving out bonuses and stalling salaries in order to make up for the slow company growth. This can decrease morale for workers who feel like their careers are stalled as well. To combat this, bringing in a motivational speaker who has gone through hard times, but risen to be a CEO, major prize winner, or otherwise successful in their industry. Giving employees a reason to work hard towards a better future is one of the best raises that you can provide in a slow economy.

Creative inventor for creativity

Companies that have to come up with project ideas are often fun places to work. The downside to being the "idea guys" is that it can be easy to suffer burnout and have an idea slump. To get the creative juices going, bring in someone who has a lot of experience in the matter. Hire motivational speakers who are also inventors come and shine some of their light and throw out ideas into the group. Creating synergy with others who have been successful with their creative ventures will get the juices flowing, and bring the inventors spirit back to live in your company.


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Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

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