Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Selecting a Phone System for Your Business

by Roy Morris

If you have just opened a business of your own, and you have several employees working for you, you will need to select a phone system to do daily tasks. Keeping communication with customers or sales representatives requires a system that can be trusted to work properly when it is needed. It is important to research several options before making a selection so you are not stuck with features you will not be utilizing. Making sure the system is compatible with the work you need to accomplish is key. Here are a few tips to use when making a phone system selection for your business.

Get Input From All Employees

Since your staff will be the ones using the phone system to conduct business, they should be involved in the selection of the system you decide to have installed. Create a questionnaire to give to each employee that asks about the frequency of their phone use and who they need to call to do their job properly. 

Find out if there are functions some employees could use to do their job more effectively. Since the jobs will vary, the phone features may vary as well. Knowing which people use the phone the most will be helpful in determining which features to select.

Ask for a Demonstration

Call a few phone system providers and make appointments for each of them to send a representative to your business to show you different models they sell. Make sure employees who use the telephone frequently will be involved in this meeting as well. Ask the representative to explain the different features each phone system provides so employees will better know which ones would help them do their job.

Check out the buttons on the phones to determine the ease of use each offers. Some models may have so many features that the unit will be a bit overwhelming for those trying to use it. It may be better to stick with a simpler model if there are only a handful of extra features you will be selecting for your business system. If you need help comparing different systems, consider looking into services that can provide phone systems reviews and comparisons.

Prepare Everyone for Change

Let regular callers know you intend on having a new system installed and when you plan on it happening. Inform them to call back if someone mistakenly disconnects their call. This will ease customers' minds that there is not a problem with your lines but merely a learning curve experience. Select a slower time of the year to have the system implemented within your business so there is less chance of irate customers due to phone problems. 

Tell employees to take their time when trying out new features and not to become upset if they are not able to complete a task effectively with the phone system during the first days it is being used. Having a representative on hand in your building during the first day or two your employees are getting used to the system can be beneficial as well. Ask them if they will provide this service before you sign a contract to make a purchase.


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Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

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