Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Thinking Of Going Into The School Security Business? Tips For You

by Roy Morris

When you are in the general security business and work to protect homes and companies every day and you do well in your line of work, you may be considering moving into other security niches and areas. If school security is one of those areas that you are looking to begin working in, there are many factors that you can and should consider in the process. School safety and school security are hot button issues for many people in any given community, including teachers, administrators, students, parents, and other concerned citizens. Get to know some of the factors that you should consider so that you can be sure that school security is the right direction for you to take your business in.

Schools Have Many Types of Vulnerability

School security and school safety are difficult areas of the security business to go into because there are so many types  of vulnerability when it comes to schools. Many businesses, for example, only need to worry about robberies and similar issues for the most part.

Schools often have many other concerns when it comes to security. The issue of school shootings has been well documented over the years and is a continuing threat to schools from elementary all the way up through college. This threat can come from staff, parents, students, and any other people in the area that may or may not have a current association with the school.

Other threats can include robberies and break-ins after hours, the threat of sexual or other types of assault on children, fighting between children with or without weapons that were sneaked in, bomb threats, and the like. These are all types of vulnerabilities that schools have and that are common issues among schools across the country.

There Are Also More Points of Vulnerability

Schools often have more building entrances and exits than a standard business or residence. There are staff-only doors, emergency doors, different types of loading docks, and various entrances and exits used daily by students. Emergency exits are also numerous and extensive.

Covering all of these possible points of entry (not even counting roof access, windows, and the like), can be quite the challenge for any security company. And this is why school security can be such a challenge.

Armed Guards and Security May Not Be a Choice

Many school districts and states have laws against any type of weapons on school grounds with the exception of a police officer called to the school in response to a crime. Because of this, another factor to consider when going into the school security business is that weapons may not be allowed for use in security purposes.

And this rule against weapons may not just pertain to guns but also to tasers, night sticks, and the like. Again, this depends on the rules of a specific school district or state as well as the preferences of the school officials in charge of the security for a particular building and any input from the community at large during school board meetings. It is simply important to know that arming your security force may not even be an option when providing security services to schools.

Keep these factors in mind as you consider whether or not going into the school security business is the right move for your business. To learn more about school security, visit websites like


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Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

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