Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Label Makers For The Creative Craft Artist

by Roy Morris

If you make and sell your own handmade artistic creations and crafts, you will need a quick and easy way to print professional labels to package your designs. Label makers today can produce an almost unlimited variety of sizes and shapes of labels. Additionally, label makers that can connect to your computer can print your own handwritten fonts and graphic images to embellish your creations. Here are some of the different types of labels that can be produced with current label makers: 

Fold-Over Labels For Bags: These fold-over labels can serve as a closing mechanism for handmade items that are presented in a fabric or paper bag. These labels can be stapled onto the bag with a hole punched near the top for hanging. A thin ribbon or cord can also be inserted into the center fold of fold-over labels and used as another way to hang your creations in their presentation bags. 

Hang Tags: Hang tags are an elegant way to label handmade crafts. Hang tags are hole punched on one end to accommodate a string that can be used to attach the hang tag to your creations. These hang tags can be printed on both sides to allow for more descriptive text. Label makers can print hang tags on a heavyweight paper with a variety of font styles and font sizes. 

Bottle and Jar Labels: Label makers can print gummed labels in many different sizes and shapes. Standard label designs are included with the purchase of a label maker or you can create your own label designs. Bottle and jar labels come in round, square, oblong, and other shapes. After printing, the gummed labels are separated from a backing sheet and easily applied to a bottle or jar. Round labels can also be applied to bottle and jar lids.  

Fabric Labels: If you make handmade clothing or create handwoven items, you can make your own custom labels and print them on fabric. These labels can be printed on long ribbons of fabric and then cut into individual labels and sewn onto your handmade creations. Some fabric label makers print on heat-sensitive papers that can be ironed onto fabric and then cut to size and sewn in place. 

Wrap-Around Labels: These labels can be used for handcrafted items such as knitted and crocheted clothing that is folded over for presentation such as socks, underwear, scarves, and other clothing. The wrap-around labels hold the handmade items together and allow for your logo and business name on one side and descriptive text and sizing information on the other side. Wrap-around labels can also be used for packaging handmade cords and braided items. 

Current label makers can print labels in an array of colors and styles to give your creations a very professional look. A creative label can often be a very effective advertisement for your creations and help you make a sale to an interested buyer. A good label maker can be a very worthwhile investment for the creative craft artist. 

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Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

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