Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Need A Video For Your Business? Be Sure To Ask These Questions

by Roy Morris

Do you need to make a video for your business but are stepping into uncharted waters with this kind of endeavor? If so, it will help to ask the following questions to the production companies you are looking into. 

How Can You Ensure The Video Stays Within Budget?

A common concern when making any type of professional video is that it will go over budget very fast, and you will have no choice but to pay more to finish the video. This is often not going to be the case when using a professional production company. Your producer should work with you to plan out the expenses of the video in advance so that you know how much it will cost. The good news is that they are going to work within your budget to make sure that the job can get done. 

It starts with providing a script or idea of what you have in mind that you produce. The producer will then break down the idea into the expected costs. For example, if it involves live-action production, there will be costs associated with a production crew, locations, equipment, and things of that nature. Based on a script, they can tell you how many days it will take to shoot the video so you have realistic expectations.

If you are over budget based on their initial estimates, you can find ways to cut back and make your video more affordable. That may include reducing the number of locations to shoot at, making a shorter video, or simplifying the script.

What Opportunities Will You Have To Make Revisions?

When making a corporate video, you won't suddenly have the finished product delivered to you without any say in what it looks like. There will often be plenty of opportunities to give your creative input and make revisions.

The producer will typically set a number of rounds for you to review the video as a work-in-progress and make revisions. This gives you the opportunity to fix things before the video is finalized and be part of the creative process. However, you'll still be limited to a certain amount of hours for revisions, so your changes must be reasonable. If you decide to rework the entire video in post-production and exceed your hours for editorial and graphics time, you could end up with overages to accommodate for the time it takes to revise the video.

Your producer will let you know how you are doing in terms of hours and how long any estimated revisions will take. You'll be given plenty of warnings if your changes are out of the original scope of the video and how it will impact the timeframe to deliver the final product. 

reach out to a video production company, such as Dolphin Video Productions, to get your video started.


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Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

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