Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Your Clothing May Need Alterations So You Look Your Best After You Lose Or Gain Weight

by Roy Morris

If you've gained or lost weight, your clothing may not fit as well as you like. If you have favorite outfits you don't want to get rid of, then consider having alterations done. Alterations may not be possible for certain types of clothing, but other times, a tailor can adjust your clothing so they fit your new size. Here are some things to know about having your clothing altered.

Going Smaller Is Easier Than Going Larger

If you've lost weight, a tailor can probably take in your clothing to make them smaller and fit better. There are several options for making clothing smaller, but there are few ways to make clothes bigger. It's possible to make clothes bigger by letting out seams if the clothing has large seam allowances. However, this can alter the shape of certain types of clothing so the clothing doesn't hang properly. It may not even be possible to make some types of clothing, such as coats, larger.

The Shape Of Clothing Can Be Altered

Sometimes the shape of clothing such as a top can be altered to accommodate an increase or decrease in bust size. This might involve altering necklines, arm openings, or bustlines. A tailor will have you wear the item of clothing and look for draglines that indicate the fabric is too tight in certain areas. They'll also look for a poor fit that indicates the fabric is too loose. They'll pin these areas and take your measurements to make alterations so the top, pants, or dress fits your body.

Custom Alterations Finish Suits And Dresses

While a tailor can help your old clothes fit better after a change in your weight, they are also necessary when you buy certain types of clothing. Suits and some dresses are intended to be finished by a tailor so they are custom-fit for your body. This service may be especially beneficial after your body has undergone changes and you're having trouble finding clothes off the rack that fit well.

This gives you a better look than wearing clothing straight off the rack. The hemlines fall at just the right place, and jackets and pants fit better at the shoulders and crotch when the clothing is finished to match your body shape and size.

If you need alterations done because of a change in your size, be sure your weight has stabilized before seeing a tailor. While it might be possible to alter your clothes again, you run the risk of not being able to make further changes to your clothes since there's a limit to how much clothing can be taken in or let out.

However, when alterations are possible, they're a good way to make sure you look your best in your clothing and you'll save money over buying a new wardrobe for work or social activities.


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Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

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