Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

  • Improving the Taste of Your Tap Water

    If you do not like the taste of water that comes out of your sink, and you do not wish to purchase bottled water, you may wonder whether there are some ways to improve the taste on your own. There are a few different methods you can try to make your tap water taste like bottled water without paying extravagant prices. Here are some options you have available in being successful in this task.

  • Understanding Source Code Escrow Basics To Protect Your Business Platforms

    When you're getting ready to license a major software platform to manage your daily business operations, you need to make sure that your software license is protected. For example, if the company building your platform were to go bankrupt or otherwise out of business in a few years, how would you update your platform? The key is a source code escrow. Under this kind of agreement, the source code for your platform is stored with an independent third party so that you have access to it in the event that the developer is no longer available.

  • 3 Things Every Store Owner Needs To Know About Repairing Antique Glass After Graffiti

    Seeing that your store has been vandalized on any level is never a welcome site, but if your business building boasts vintage, hard-to-find features like antique glass, seeing spray paint blasted on the exterior is even more disheartening. While removing spray paint from traditional glass would just mean calling up any old glass repair shop for help, glass that is many years old cannot withstand the same cleaning processes and may even be damaged by the paint itself.

  • Selecting a Phone System for Your Business

    If you have just opened a business of your own, and you have several employees working for you, you will need to select a phone system to do daily tasks. Keeping communication with customers or sales representatives requires a system that can be trusted to work properly when it is needed. It is important to research several options before making a selection so you are not stuck with features you will not be utilizing. Making sure the system is compatible with the work you need to accomplish is key.

  • Motivation For The Mood: Which Type Of Motivational Speaker You Need For Morale Issues

    No matter how good your workers are, every office can lose motivation at a time or two. The loss of motivation can be due to a number of factors, but as the management, it is your job to increase motivation and productivity. If your company is having problems, you should hire a motivational speaker to come in and address your company's workers for a change in direction. If you need to help your workers with a bit of a boost, here are some motivational speaker types that work for each mood.

  • About Me

    Brick & Mortar Vs Online Businesses: My Experience

    I have owned my own small businesses for years, and I have always been happy to share my business tips with other entrepreneurs, especially those just starting out. One question I get asked about a lot is whether it is a better idea for a beginner to open an online business or a brick & mortar shop. While I wish I had a one-size-fits all answer, the truth is that it really depends on what you are selling (or what service you are providing), how the economy is doing in your local area, and your personal business goals and dreams. However, every brick & mortar business should have a website today, and it only makes sense to sell products on a website that your business needs anyway. I have many more business tips to share, and I decided to start a blog to share them with all aspiring entrepreneurs!